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Discussion on Ozone Decomposition Method

Ozone is a strong oxidant. It is commonly used for sewage treatment and environmental disinfection. When the concentration of ozone discharged into the environment is too high, it is harmful to the human body and the environment. Purification treatment is required to decompose the ozone and then discharge it.

Ozone will decompose by itself at room temperature, but it is very slow. In order to accelerate the decomposition of ozone, the commonly used methods include thermal decomposition, electromagnetic decomposition, and catalytic decomposition.

The thermal decomposition method accelerates the decomposition rate by heating ozone. In order to shorten the half-life of ozone decomposition to the millisecond level, it is usually necessary to heat the ozone above 400°C. The method is simple in equipment, but has the disadvantages of high energy consumption and high operating cost.

The photolysis method uses ultraviolet rays or near-infrared rays of 1200-1300nm to irradiate ozone to excite ozone molecules and accelerate their decomposition. This method has low cost but low efficiency, and is generally not used in industries with emission requirements.

The catalytic decomposition method uses catalyst materials to cause ozone molecules to decompose on the surface of the catalyst. This method has relatively low cost and high decomposition efficiency, and is the most commonly used ozone decomposition method in the industry.

Hunan minstrong Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of ozone decomposition catalysts, which can effectively decompose ozone at room temperature, and are widely used in ozone exhaust gas treatment in water treatment, disinfection and other industries, effectively protecting the human body and the environment.

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