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How to reduce the cost of ozone O3 decomposition

Excessive ozone emissions are harmful to the human body and the atmosphere, and direct emissions are not allowed. When a company uses ozone for production, the residual ozone needs to be decomposed before it can be discharged after reaching the standard. How to achieve ozone decomposition at a low cost is a technical issue worth studying.

In some countries, electric heating decomposition is popular. This method is simple and rude, but the gas must be heated to above 300°C to achieve rapid decomposition of ozone. This method can be applied in small air currents. Once a large-scale ozone generator is equipped with an electric heating decomposition device, it will consume a lot of electric energy and make the enterprise more than the loss. This is the reason why electric heating and decomposition are not used in most countries and regions.

Ozone decomposition catalysts can accelerate ozone decomposition at room temperature and achieve low energy consumption and high efficiency ozone decomposition. The main cost of this method comes from the purchase of the catalyst. At present, there are many varieties of ozone decomposition catalysts on the market, and the prices and effects are very different, causing many companies to be confused for the choosing. When choosing an ozone decomposition catalyst, the major factors that affect the cost are the price, efficiency, and service life of the catalyst.

The pricing of catalyst manufacturers is directly related to the production cost. The so-called "you get what you pay for", very cheap catalysts often contain very low active ingredients and cannot guarantee their quality. Expensive catalysts, except for a few special occasions, are "killing sledgehammers", and this kind of cost is unnecessary.

When choosing a catalyst, first look at the effect. After a short-term test, check the activity of the catalyst. Only when the exhaust gas meets the standard will there be a chance of application. Then look at the active ingredient content of the catalyst, which has the greatest impact on cost and lifespan. The higher the active ingredient content, the better the durability. The larger the specific surface area of the catalyst, the higher the gas adsorbability and the higher the decomposition efficiency.

The cost cannot be compared solely by weight unit price. Catalytic decomposition. We usually design reactors according to space velocity. The fixed volume of catalyst is the filling volume of catalyst. It is more accurate to compare catalyst costs according to volume unit price. The larger the specific surface area of the catalyst, the smaller the specific gravity. This kind of catalyst tends to have higher activity and less demand.

In general, in order to choose a more cost-effective method of ozone decomposition, we prefer the catalyst decomposition method. It is the best choice to choose a catalyst with a moderate price, a high content of active ingredients, and a large specific surface area.

Minstrong Technology has long been committed to the research, development, manufacture and application of ozone decomposition catalysts, providing customers with cost-effective catalysts and professional technical services. Welcome your inquiry.



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