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Application of Minstrong Ozone Decomposition Catalyst in Ozone Tail Gas Decomposer

Ozone is an allotrope of oxygen, and the ozone molecule is composed of three oxygen atoms. Under normal temperature and pressure, ozone is a light blue gas with a fishy smell. Ozone is extremely oxidizing. Ozone is often used to oxidize organic pollutants in the water and kill bacteria and viruses. It can be used to purify sewage or disinfect tap water. However, the nature of ozone is very unstable and cannot be stored. It can only be used by ozone generators.

The ozone produced by the ozone generator enters the oxidation tank through the distributor. Part of the ozone is dissolved in the water to become an oxidant, and part of the ozone overflows from the water and becomes the tail gas containing ozone. Excessive ozone concentration will cause pollution to the surrounding environment and endanger human health. The tail gas containing ozone will be passed into the ozone tail gas decomposer to convert the ozone into oxygen before being discharged.

Hunan minstrong Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of ozone decomposition catalysts. According to the user's working conditions, Minstrong will provide catalyst-related design calculations and guide users in the selection of catalysts, thereby effectively reducing the production and operating costs of ozone exhaust gas decomposers.

Minstrong Technology, 39 years’ experience in catalyst research and production, welcome your inquiry.

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