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Application Of Catalytic Oxidation In Carbon Monoxide (CO) Treatment

Carbon monoxide (carbon monoxide) is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas at room temperature. It has strong toxicity, and the lowest lethal concentration of human inhalation is 5000ppm (5 minutes).

In lime kiln, synthetic ammonia industry, petrochemical industry and other industries, waste gas containing CO will be produced. Once the exhaust gas leaks into the atmosphere, it will cause serious environmental pollution. The Ministry of Environmental Protection has strict emission standards for CO. Before the exhaust gas is discharged, the CO needs to be removed.

For high and low carbon monoxide concentrations, it has different methods  to remove the CO. High-concentration CO is usually directly incinerated or absorbed by absorption liquid. The incineration method requires the construction of a supporting torch, and the cost is relatively high. The absorption method can play a role in reducing the concentration of CO, and the treated gas still contains a low concentration of CO. For low-concentration CO treatment, catalytic oxidation is usually used for complete removal.

The conditions required to remove CO by catalytic oxidation:
1. The reaction requires CO catalyst;
2. There must be sufficient oxygen in the gas;
3. The gas is relatively clean and does not contain components that are easy to poison the catalyst.

The process flow of CO catalytic oxidation method is shown in the following figure:

minstrong's MC-A series catalysts can effectively convert CO into CO2 in the presence of oxygen, achieving the goal of pollution-free emissions. Minstrong Technology, 39 years’ experience in catalyst research and production, welcome your inquiry.

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