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Carbon monoxide (CO) treatment under anaerobic conditions

Carbon monoxide (carbon monoxide) is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas at room temperature. It has strong toxicity, and the lowest lethal concentration of human inhalation is 5000ppm (5 minutes).

In the petrochemical industry, fine chemicals, semiconductor production and other industries,  industrial gases containing CO are produced, and these gases contain little or no oxygen. For production needs, the CO in the gas needs to be removed before entering the next section, and oxygen cannot be introduced. Compared with the treatment of CO in an aerobic environment, this working condition is particularly special. In view of this working condition, the current mature processes mainly include adsorption method and direct oxidation method.

The treatment of CO by the adsorption method requires the construction of an adsorption and desorption device, which requires relatively large investment, and is generally used in large-scale industrial installations. Compared with the adsorption method for CO treatment, the direct oxidation method is relatively flexible and an effective method for CO treatment with less investment.

The process flow of direct oxidation to treat CO is as follows:

minstrong's MC-AC series catalysts can effectively oxidize CO directly to CO2 in the presence or absence of oxygen, achieving the purpose of purifying process gas. Minstrong Technology, 39 years’ experience in catalyst research and production, welcome your inquiry.

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