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Minstrong Technology Launches High Concentration Carbon Monoxide Tail Gas Solution

Every country has strict emission standards for carbon monoxide-containing waste gas from production companies. When the generated waste gas contains a high concentration of carbon monoxide (greater than 1%), the company will spend high costs to solve the problem of exhaust emission compliance.

For the treatment of high-concentration carbon monoxide, the traditional solution is to build RCO or RTO devices, which are burned and discharged, and part of the heat energy can be recovered. The investment of tens of millions of dollars in this kind of scheme has discouraged many small and medium-sized enterprises. Environmental protection investment has swallowed up the operating profits of enterprises. This is something business owners do not want to see.

After long-term catalyst research and engineering practice, minstrong has introduced a solution to treat high-concentration carbon monoxide tail gas through catalytic oxidation, which can save more than 60% of the cost of traditional RCO. Minstrong has maintained long-term cooperation with major engineering companies, and is committed to solving environmental problems for our customers with low cost and high efficiency.

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