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How to correctly select catalyst in tail gas governance environmental protection project

With the concept of sustainable development, the state's environmental standards for industrial exhaust gas are constantly improving, leading to the continuous improvement of the cost of industrial exhaust gas in the enterprise. Many companies are tangled in the contradiction between environmental compliance and environmental protection costs. It is the topic discussed in this article for the maintenance and purification engineering of the catalyst treatment.

Obviously, the catalyst purifies the exhaust gas, the choice of catalyst will be the key to the construction of the entire project and the cost of operation. Treating a component, there may be a variety of catalysts to be selected, even if the catalysts have the same components, there are also different processes. How to properly select catalysts, becoming a problem that plagues many technicians.

Catalyst tail gas governance project, focusing on effective removal of pollutants while maintaining lower operating costs, there is a longer service life. A longer life catalyst, procurement cost is relatively higher.

For a relatively inexpensive catalyst, such as a transition metal catalyst, in order to have better activity and life, a product having a higher active component content can be selected, and a higher load amount of impregnation catalyst or direct molding catalyst can be selected. The effect is not affected after the loss of the active components.

For more expensive catalysts, such as precious metallic catalysts, generally use low-level impregnated catalysts, and can be effectively removable.

Minstrong specializes in the development, production and application of exhaust gas governance catalysts, with experienced technical experts, providing customers with reliable low-cost exhaust governance solutions.


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