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Company news

Remember the present, prepare for the future

2019 will end soon, and comes 2020. Wish all of our clients a happy and prosperous new year.

What has minstrong done in 2019?
1. We have expanded overseas market, especially the European market. Our catalyst are gradually accepted and welcomed in European.
2. Catalyst quality improvement.
2.1 for Hopcalite catalyst, the same testing condition, CO protection time improves 14%
2.2 the surface area of catalyst improves 10%
3. except for powder, pellet and granule form of catalyst, we have honeycomb for our clients application

What does Minstrong plan to do in 2020?
1. quality improvement ( never be satisfied with present situation)
2. more energy on impregnated activated carbon catalyst, load Cu, Cr, Ag
3. more energy on other noble metal catalyst

Welcome to cooperate with Minstrong Technology, Minstrong will never let you down.


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