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Minstrong Catalyst helps medical institutions build an efficient disinfection system in the fight against the novel coronavirus epidemic

The ill-fated 2020 is about to pass, the novel coronavirus vaccine has also been on the market, biotechnology has overcome a technical difficulty, and mankind has taken a big step forward in defeating the virus to dominate its own destiny.

Fangcang shelter hospitals in my country have shown their unique advantages in fighting the epidemic and have been recognized and respected by countries all over the world. The shelter is a space that can provide a mobile hospital with multiple functions such as examination, treatment and surgery. At the same time, the shelter can provide a high-standard clean sterilization environment to ensure the safety of medical workers and improve the efficiency of treatment of infected persons.

In square cabin hospitals, maintaining a safe disinfection environment for the square cabin space is of vital importance. This is related to the lives of people infected with the virus and medical workers, and can prevent the further spread of the virus inside.

To fight the epidemic to save lives, medical workers race against time. Environmental killing must be continued in a human scene, and the virus must be effectively killed in a relatively short period of time. At the same time, the physical injury of the people in the other cabin must be minimized. This brings challenges to the construction of the disinfection system.

Regarding the existing disinfection technology, the disinfectant will have a harmful effect on the human body. The sensitive  minstrong catalyst can effectively decompose the disinfectant such as ozone and hydrogen peroxide, deodorize and deodorize the disinfected gas, and eliminate the harm to the human body from the residual medicine .

In the fight against the novel coronavirusepidemic in 2020, Minstrong  catalyst has also contributed to the disinfection system of shelter hospitals and tent-type biological laboratories. Minstron Technology Co., Ltd. cooperated with a number of military enterprises to apply the catalyst to the disinfection system to deodorize, deodorize, remove residual disinfectants such as hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and ozone, and greatly reduce the impact of disinfectants on medical affairs. Injuries to workers and infected persons.


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