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Minstrong's express delivery notice during the approaching Spring Festival

Dear customers and friends:

With the recent Chinese New Year holiday approaching, for the air shipping delivery, our catalyst have been inspected more frequently when they pass through Chinese customs, and often returned. As a result, the waiting time for you to receive the goods has become longer. minstrong apologizes for this.

The Spring Festival is the most important traditional festival in China. Before the Spring Festival, the Chinese government strengthened its control measures on chemical products, inspected more frequently imported and exported goods, and had stricter customs clearance conditions for goods.

Minstrong has always strictly followed the requirements of China Customs to send your goods. It has always been highly efficient in allowing customers to receive the goods in a timely manner. However, recent new control measures have allowed all express companies to have a higher inspection rate and return rate. , We continue to keep in touch with the courier company, the first time we understand the transportation status of the goods, when we encounter inspection, we communicate with customs and courier companies in a timely manner, and strive to solve the problem of cargo clearance in the shortest time to reduce your waiting time.

Dear customers and friends, while waiting for the goods, we look forward to and thank you for your patience. Minstrong is working with UPS and FedEx to make the goods delivered to you smoothly.

Minstrong wishes you a happy Chinese New Year and looks forward that the new year Minstrong can continue to provide you with excellent catalyst products and professional technical services to help you achieve greater success.


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