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How to effectively remove carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a kind of carbon oxide compound. It is usually a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas with strong toxicity. The lowest lethal concentration of human inhalation is 5000ppm (5 minutes).

In the petrochemical industry, semiconductor industry, coal mines, refuge chambers, submarines, and smoking rooms, mixed gases containing carbon monoxide will be produced. For personal safety or process purification needs, the carbon monoxide should be disposed of. At present, the mature methods for treating carbon monoxide include absorption method, incineration method, and catalytic oxidation method.

For high-concentration carbon monoxide, copper-ammonia complex solution can be used for absorption. This method has high equipment construction costs, and the tail gas also contains relatively low-concentration carbon monoxide.

For high-concentration carbon monoxide, the incineration method can also be used for incineration. This method requires the construction of a torch and corresponding supporting systems, and the construction cost is high.

For gases containing carbon monoxide with a low concentration, the commonly used method is the catalytic oxidation method, which oxidizes carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide at a lower temperature. This method does not require the construction of complex devices and the operating cost is relatively low. Catalytic oxidation method to remove carbon monoxide is an economical choice.

minstrong has conducted in-depth research on the removal of carbon monoxide, and developed different series of catalysts for the presence and absence of oxygen, which can effectively remove the carbon monoxide in the gas.

Click on the link to view the CO catalyst details: carbon monoxide removal under aerobic conditions, carbon monoxide removal under anaerobic conditions.


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